About Me

“She changed the readership game for me on WattPad. There was a notable difference after I got a cover from her.” – Kristin Mahnke, author of Parallel

I am Lia Rees, and I work under my personal banner of Free Your Words to provide services to authors. I format ebooks (Kindle and EPUB), design print books and create covers for all genres. I also take pleasure in producing merchandise, business cards and publicity.

Everything An Author Needs

I’ve created banners and ads for Facebook, WordPress and Twitter. I’ve designed T-shirts, postcards, stickers and things that don’t belong on a family-friendly website. My network of talented people ensures that if I don’t do what you’re looking for, I probably know someone who does.

Are you here for my $50 formatting package? It’s on the Brilliant Basics page.

I also create video trailers as WaterBalloon Media, and my latest project is a line of T-shirts and various goodies for writers – Tribe of Write. Some testimonials about my previous work and my approach to clients can be found here. Enjoy browsing!


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