Brilliant Basics

Check out this video on my poster services, or scroll down for book formatting and video animation. My Brilliant Basics are $50.

Book Formatting

basic book formatting ad

If you already have a cover, my basic book formatting will create your book in a swift and budget-friendly style. You will get a professional-quality book with your cover, front/back matter (no images) and ISBN included. Ebooks will also get the blurb and metadata. The text is set in a simple style with a single serif font throughout. For custom fonts, fancy titles, graphics to accentuate your words, and the setting of your own images or illustrations, I recommend my Standard or Premium package for ebooks or print books.


I’ll let the video tell the story for this one. (WaterBalloon Media is the name I create trailers under.)

A simple poster, banner, web graphic or T-shirt is not strictly one of my Basics, but it costs $45 so is worth putting here. “Simple” in this case means a quote decorated with a single image or graphic. Sometimes less is more.


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