Business Cards

Got a shiny book cover? Excellent, but the author’s journey does not end here. Whether traditionally published or self-published, your book needs marketing and promotion to reach an audience. Fresh, relevant and well-crafted graphics make all the difference – they’re the first thing a potential reader sees. Are your business cards individually designed around your own cover art and tailored to convey your work’s uniqueness? Premade templates, even the prettiest and slickest ones, can’t do that for you.

Light Side Realistic Business Card Mock-Up blurred

  • Business cards for A. J. Downey, author of the Sacred Hearts Motorcycle Club series. To remain consistent with her existing work, I used imagery from her book covers (designed by Clarissa at Yocla Designs) and her previously-used fonts. She is a versatile author with a sweet side and a dark side, so my front and back designs reflect this.

I ask $45 for a simple business card design, which includes 1.5 hours of my work. This is normally enough to finish the job, especially if it is a straightforward design or a reworking of existing images (e.g. covers). More complex work, repeated revisions and similar are charged at $30 per hour. I will estimate the timescale at the beginning, and send you a quote. If the job becomes more complex than expected and I need more time (a rare occurrence), I will discuss this with you before proceeding. I am also happy to share my acquired knowledge on printers and how to work with them for the best results.

Business Cards Mockup


My own business cards! I chose a stripped-down style to highlight the quirky statements. The simplicity helped me tailor the mood of each card, and the black let the lively colours pop. I used the Printfinity option at Moo to print multiple designs aimed at different literary genres on the front, while keeping my own details on the back. Moo are not the cheapest printing service, but they produce beautiful cards. Cheap printers have a tendency to print black as a darkish mid-grey, which you can get away with if you limit your usage of black. I didn’t want to. Design choices are simple when I am my own client…


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