Posters: Author Promo

There’s nothing quite as attention-grabbing as a poster. Book signings, conventions, your local bookshop or library; a poster is an injection of life and drama. A simple poster design based on your cover and a little supporting text is $45. More complex projects are charged at $30 an hour, and I will estimate the timescale before the start.

My pricing is based on design complexity, not physical size. I can do 36 inches by 24, or even larger, if you can source a willing printer. My image resources are much smaller than this, so if you need photorealistic graphics at that size, you will have to supply them yourself. Alternatively, I can take some time to create a collage-style design composed of smaller images. If you’re budget-conscious and want a huge poster, it’s perfectly possible; a simple quote in an atmospheric font can look striking. I also have a large collection of vector line drawings and silhouette graphics which are usable at any size.

A mysterious forest for T. Damon’s fantasy novel, The Falling. This poster was intended for libraries, so needed some white space to write book signing dates on. I made the white space appealing and relevant to the book, which features fairies and winged forest spirits.

The Falling poster 11 by 17

More nature themes, designed coincidentally the same weekend! This was created for Autumn Seigel‘s science-fiction novel, ReAwaken:

ReAwaken 16x20 final version for web

“Sound and Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk” was created to accompany the anthology of the same name (see at an author convention.

Shakespeare Punk Poster

“Book Signing Here” was designed for a sci-fi and fantasy convention.

Stars Poster final



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