Posters: Quotes & Fun

Here is a selection of my poster designs. There’s a deliberately diverse range here – meaningful quotes and light-hearted fun – to showcase the variety of styles in which I work. A simple poster design is $45. More complex projects are charged at $30 an hour, and I will estimate the timescale before the start. I enjoy setting all varieties of quotes; song lyrics, book text, sayings and more. If you have an idea, get in touch!

My pricing is based on design complexity, not physical size. I can do 36 inches by 24, or even larger, if you can source a willing printer. My image resources are much smaller than this, so if you need photorealistic graphics at that size, you will have to supply them yourself. Alternatively, I can take some time to create a collage-style design composed of smaller images. If you’re budget-conscious and want a huge poster, it’s perfectly possible; a simple quote in an atmospheric font can look striking. I also have a large collection of vector line drawings and silhouette graphics which are usable at any size.



“There are no hidden meanings” is a quote of Sheldon Kopp’s 43-item Eschatological Laundry List, a Buddhist-tinged philosophical guide to living one’s life. Some people find this rather depressing; I find it freeing, because a lack of preset meanings allows you to create your own.


George Orwell, of course.

more equal

“Liberty” is the ending of a poem by Paul Éluard which first struck me in the excellent film “Maps to the Stars”. My acquisition of a libertarian boyfriend, now upgraded to Anarchist Fiancé status, added an extra layer of meaning to this quote.

And this is Nietzsche. He gets a simple monochrome treatment from me. This is an example of a design composed from vector art – silhouettes and fonts – which could be expanded to literally any size without losing definition.

beyond square bw

My whistle-stop tour has been rather serious, so I’ll finish with some spontaneous, light-hearted pieces.

Mockup Scene Creator

party on


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