Price List

All of my rates are quoted in dollars. Most books are covered by the standard rates, but a few require an amended quote. I present these at the start, before confirming the job or taking payment.

The one exception to this is when a book requires many last-minute corrections at the post-formatting stage. Authors can avoid this by ensuring the manuscript is well proofread before reaching me.


Every cover is a unique design created from several stock photos or graphic elements. Stock images from budget marketplaces are included (e.g. Depositphotos, 123RF). Higher-end images are not (NeoStock, Getty).

  • Ebook 120
  • Paperback 180
  • Both 240


I work with edited, proofread manuscripts. A small number of typos (normally under 10) can be fixed after formatting. If you require a large number of changes after formatting, I may charge you for the extra time and reformatting work involved.

  • Basic ebook 50
  • Basic paperback 50
  • Standard ebook 140
  • Standard paperback 160
  • Premium ebook 200
  • Premium paperback 300

Basic/Standard/Premium Formatting: What’s The Difference?


Streamlined, simple and fast. You send the manuscript, and I send back your finished book. Simple! (This template doesn’t allow for internal pictures, customisation or anything fancy.)


The most personalised package I offer. At the start of the project I send a list of questions designed to analyse your individual design needs, and a rough estimate for the timescale. We’ll discuss many elements of the project by email, Facebook or Skype. Text size, line spacing, fonts, and so forth. You’ll have decisions to make, and I’ll give you as much time as you need to make them (rushed design work is never a good plan). There will be opportunities to send files back and forth until you are entirely satisfied with the appearance of your book in both practical and aesthetic terms.


Somewhere in between!

Posters, business cards, T-shirts, badges, social media graphics, video ads, interesting random projects

Contact me for a quote

Handling Payment

I charge half upfront, half on delivery. Most clients use PayPal, but I am open to other ideas (UK clients often prefer bank transfer).

Work With Me

Book covers

You can book me here.

Anything else

Get in touch with me via the form below, or have a friendly chat on Facebook.


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