After publishing exclusively on Kindle for a bit, I decided to move in to traditional paperbacks but I had absolutely no clue on how to format the interior of my book. Rather than pay money to a big corporation, I instead went to Lia Rees over at Free Your Words! Again, she is independent, her prices are reasonable and she does fantastic work with a fine attention to detail. I couldn’t be happier with the product I am getting from Lia. – A.J. Downey (blog post here)

I recently had the pleasure of working with the ever so talented Lia Rees, designing a promotional poster for my debut novel, The Falling: Book 1 of the Forest Spirit Series. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. I was astounded, enthralled, and amazed, which is but a mere list of the emotions my mind raced through upon seeing my finished design. Lia was effortlessly able to practically travel into the depths of my brain – somehow inherently knowing exactly what it was I was looking for. She managed to achieve that, and then explore even way beyond my preconceived notions of what my product could potentially look like. I was fortunate enough to have Lia as the editor of my novel as well, and was extremely pleased to find that she remembered important aspects of the book and incorporated them into the design. She was thorough (as she emailed a questionnaire that allowed me to give specific instructions on what I wanted), prompt (as I received my finished design in less than a day from when I sent back the questionnaire), and very detailed (every millimeter of my design is intricate and strikingly beautiful). I could honestly go on for hours about how pleased I am with my design, and I can confidently go into any promotional venture knowing that I have a poster that will not only grab a potential reader’s attention, but also engulf them in a visually stunning work of art. – Karen Teal (aka T. Damon)

After reading four books on design, I knew just enough to be sure I didn’t want to attempt anything so arduous on my own. What’s worse, I knew exactly what I wanted, but I had trouble verbalizing my issues. I know that should probably make me a terrible writer. What I lacked in clear instruction, Lia has more than made up for with an intuitive mastery of graphic design. Anyone would be lucky to have her design their next book, and that’s why she’ll be designing my next book, as well. – Jeff Babineaux, author of “The Game Master’s Gambit


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  1. I hired Lia to format both the kindle and paperback versions of my book, as well as to create the cover art. I couldn’t be happier with the result. The final products that I received from Lia were absolutely perfect, and provided for a very reasonable price. -A. Colombo

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