Video Trailers

You’ll find my portfolio at my video trailer site, WaterBalloon Media.

In brief: If you sell books through social media, you need to promote yourself in the natural language of social media. And that’s visuals, animation and motion graphics.

I provide two levels of video services for authors. The quickest option is a short customised logo, animated title or snippet of text. These are useful for authors who create their own slide shows and presentations in Movie Maker or its equivalent. They are budget-friendly at $50, can be reused in multiple videos, and add dynamic energy while leaving you in control. You can see some examples here.

Here’s a trailer for “I Am The Alpha”, a werewolf romance by AJ Downey and Ryan Kells. I get very excited by the challenge of conveying an author’s book in visuals and animation. My rates for something similar are $200 for 30 seconds, $400 for a minute, and individually priced for longer trailers.

If you want me to work my magic on your book, get in touch.


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