Price List

I am based in London, UK, but can easily work with clients in the US and elsewhere. I supply services separately or in conjunction with each other, according to your need, and I offer discounts for multiple services. My rates are provided in US dollars; contact me for the equivalent in your currency. I base my prices on standard-length paperback novels with no interior images.

I’m willing to listen if your project is unusual – sometimes these are the most interesting. I particularly love creating paperback interiors with images, and can handle complex magazine-style layouts. (As a side note, black and white images cost no more to print than black text, and paperback readers appreciate illustrations. I’ve seen them “ooh” and “aah” over them. My contact list has some excellent illustrators.)

Menu of Services

Ebooks, Web Graphics and Media

  • Kindle cover: $99
  • Other ebook cover (please specify): Included with Kindle cover, or $99
  • Basic ebook formatting: $50
  • Standard ebook formatting (no pictures): Up to 50,000 words $99, up to 80,000 $120, up to 150,000 $150
  • Premium ebook formatting: $200
  • Ebook formatting with pictures: Contact me for a quote
  • Website banner: $30 minimum, then $20/h after 1.5 hours’ work
  • Teaser graphic: $30 minimum, then $20/h after 1.5 hours’ work
  • Video trailer (30 seconds): $200
  • Video trailer (60 seconds): $400
  • Video trailer (longer): Contact me for a quote. Also see WaterBalloon Media.

Print Books, Publicity and Merchandise

  • Print cover (front, spine and back): $149
  • Basic print formatting: $50
  • Standard print formatting: $149
  • Premium print formatting: $300
  • Business card: $45 minimum, then $30/h after 1.5 hours’ work
  • Poster/postcard design: $45 minimum, then $30/h after 1.5 hours’ work
  • Custom T-shirt design: $45 minimum, then $30/h after 1.5 hours’ work
  • Other merchandise (please specify): $45 minimum, then $30/h after 1.5 hours’ work

How Does This Work?

Basic packages: Streamlined, simple and fast. I send a form detailing what I need. You send the stuff. I send back your finished book. Simple!

Premium packages: At the start of the project I send a list of questions designed to analyse your individual design needs, and a rough estimate for the timescale. I will discuss many elements of the project with you by email, Facebook or Skype. Text size, line spacing, fonts, and so forth. You’ll have decisions to make, and I’ll give you as much time as you need to make them (rushed design work is never a good plan). There will be opportunities to send files back and forth until you are entirely satisfied with the appearance of your book in both practical and aesthetic terms.

Standard packages: Somewhere in between!

I charge half upfront, half on delivery, and PayPal is my usual method.

A Word to LGBT and “High Heat Level” Authors

I am the most liberal-minded person you could ever hope to meet, and I will work with anything. Bring it on.


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